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Te Aroroa Expedition

At 1601hrs on Saturday February 2nd 2013 after 3,054km, 53 days 9 hours and 1 minute, Ultra runner Jez Bragg arrived in Bluff – lands’ end on the southern tip of New Zealand’s South Island. He had just completed his record breaking end-to-end run of New Zealand’s recently established Te Aroroa trail.

Jez’s solo, purely human powered expedition is the fastest time traversing the whole country, running the full Te Araroa trail. In addition to running, Jez also kayaked across the various water crossings which form part of the official route, including 120 kilometres down the Whanganui River, numerous river estuaries and Lake Wakatipu.

The starting point was the iconic landmark, Cape Reinga lighthouse, on the northern tip of New Zealand, a building which guards the dangerous peninsula and the swirling waters where the Tasman and Pacific Oceans meet below. Jez began his expedition running his longest single-day distance of on his first day, 101km in 13 hours from Cape Reinga to Ahipara along Ninety Mile Beach. The Te Aroroa trail made Jez work for his kilometres right to the last.