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Due North

Due North documents a mission to discover unridden lines on the steep Chugach Mountains bordering Prince William Sound. Searching for an alternate path to the Nirvana of Alaskan powder from sea level up, The North Face athletes Fraser McDougall and RMB learn sometimes you need to make use of your Plan B. And if you don’t have one, to make one quick.

The first leg of the expedition sees Roland Morley-Brown and Fraser McDougall fly into Valdez, Alaska and make their way to the harbour where they meet the captain and crew of the Chugach Pearl – a 58ft Salmon Seiner fishing boat at home in Prince William Sound.

Headed by Captain Kami Cabana, a 21 year-old third generation fisherwoman and Chugach powder guide,  the Chugach Pearl becomes home for a week. They set off to scope lines, with the plan to climb from sea level.

This plan finds them slogging through thick forest, chasing a rising snow line. With small weather windows, and brief turns back to the waters of Prince William Sound, the way forward is clear: they need to get higher.

Contacting the last remaining pilot in Valdez, Alaska, they fly into the Tonsina Glacier, nestled within a bowl of 5000ft ridges. They set up camp in their new zone - the Alaska they were looking for. 

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