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Roland Morely-Brown

Originally from Australia, Roland (or RMB as he’s commonly know) grew up in the far north of New Zealand, then moved to Auckland when he was a teenager for college. Having skateboarded his whole life RMB finished school and moved to Queenstown NZ to pursue his interest in snowboarding.

His Mum was always into skiing and actually traveled around Europe in her 20’s working at different chalet’s to fund her love for adventure and travel. So she was always really encouraging of him to pursue his addiction to it as well.

After doing his first season in Queenstown RMB decided he’d enter the NZ Nationals just for a bit of fun and he actually ended up with a 2nd place in the half pipe. After that he was offered a sponsorship with a couple of different brands and was given an opportunity to travel to Europe and work in a ski shop there tuning rental ski’s and snowboards in the evenings so he could ride all day. Since that first season back in 2002 RMB was hooked and has been traveling the world over in the pursuit of fun and progressing his snowboarding and having the best time of his life. 

As far as his snowboarding goes now days, his direction is being more and more focused on bigger mountains and more technical lines. Although he still loves freestyle snowboarding what drives RMB most right now is learning how to fuse the two together. In RMBs words,

“It’s a whole new way of looking at the mountain and seeing things differently and I’m super excited to be able to have sponsors that recognize this and aren’t to fussed if I’m not the guy in the terrain park day after day doing the triple corks and striving for the Olympics.  I’d rather hike all day and ride one amazing scary line and get an awesome photo or film clip then sit on a chair lift and lap the park and be seen in the lift lines. I think this is the future of our sport and I think more people are taking notice of the big mountain freestyle riding so I’m super stoked to be a part of that movement."






Queenstown, NZ

Favourite food?

Steak & Salad

What music you listen to?


Training Nutrition?

Six Sense Organic, superfoods protein powder

Three things you always pack?

iPhone, Trackie pants, Sunglasses

Favourite Movie?

The Goonies

Biggest Strength?

Not caring

Biggest Weakness?

Not caring enough

Proudest Sporting Moment?

Making it to Alaska, dream come true.

Most Humbling Moment?

Standing alone on a crazy Alaskan peak about to drop in, that moment… Pure silence, just myself and the mountain.

Favourite TNF Product?

The Thunder Jacket

Causes you are passionate about?

Not really any one in particular, but I do believe as humans we should respect our planet, save or natural resources and care for all other living species we share this place with.  

Favourite destination for your sport?

Anywhere I have never been

Favourite piece of history in your sport?

Ingermar Backman’s method in Riksgransen way back in 96’

Who inspires you most?

Anyone doing what they love

Snowboarding has allowed me to experience the world, 10 times over. And that’s by far my number one highlight!

Others highlights include:

  • Filming for our Red Bull Mates in Alaska project in April of 2013
  • Filming for our Japan Journals projects from 2011 – 2013
  • Travelling and exploring Europe year after year from west to east to far north all in the name of snowboarding, adventure and fun.

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