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Justin Jones

Jonesy is half of Cas and Jonesy – the Aussie duo constantly pushing the boundaries of human endurance.

On the 26th January 2012, they made history by completing the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time. In 100 years of polar exploration no-one had EVER walked from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back without assistance. Many had tried, none had succeeded. After 89 grueling days they made it back to the coast after having skied 2275km with everything they needed to survive in the harshest environment on Earth.

Four years earlier they Crossed the Ditch – paddling 3318km without assistance across the Tasman Sea for another world first. They braved 10 metre swells, howling winds, endured severe food and sleep deprivation and adverse winds and currents. They became the first kayakers to cross the Tasman Sea as well as becoming the longest transoceanic double kayak expedition. Staggering upon the shores of New Zealand, the adventurers were sunburnt, bearded, underweight, and physically and mentally wasted…but most of all happy to be alive.

The boys are highly regarded as two of Australia’s premier public speakers.

Jonesy is a laid back character that loves the outdoor life and tries to cram as many experiences into the short time that we all have on this planet, whether it be trail running, canyoning, skiing, kayaking or heading off on big expeditions. Getting out on expeditions gives him the means to live life to the fullest. After growing up in Indonesia as a very ordinary kid, Jonesy moved to Australia and completed an advanced science degree with Honours at the University of New South Wales, before deciding against a life of academia and opting for one of adventure!

Jonesy can also add documentary producer to his repertoire; having produced and directed two award winning documentaries about their expeditions, winning 15 international film festival awards. Hopefully by sharing the stories of his expeditions and his humble beginnings, he can help people to take the first steps on their own trips.






Bondi, NSW

Favourite food:

Good old fashion Aussie Meat Pie

What music you listen to:

Bit of everything. On a long trip your mood cycles a fair bit.

Training Nutrition:

Eat lots, train hard.

Three things you always pack:

Headtorch, strapping tape and food.

Favourite Movie:

The Shawshank Redemption.

Biggest Strength:

Stubbornness and unwillingness to give up on expeditions.

Biggest Weakness:

Stubbornness in arguments.

Proudest Sporting Moment:

Toss up between completing the Tasman expedition and the Antarctica return expedition.

Most Humbling Moment:

Breaking my leg during the TNF100 and realising there was another 88 painful kilometres to go.

Favourite TNF Product:

TNF Verto 26 (stuffs down to nothing and always comes in handy) and the Redpoint Optimus Jacket.

Causes you are passionate about:

Getting kids off the couch and into the outdoors 

Favourite destination for your sport:

Planet Earth.

Who inspires you most:

Jon Muir, and his unsupported walk across Australia.

  • April 2013: Okefenokee Swamp Expedition (Georgia, USA)
  • Oct 2011 – Jan 2012: World first South Pole Return (89 days, 2275km, ANTARCTICA)
  • Nov 2007 – Jan 2008: World first Tasman Sea Kayak Crossing (62 days, 3318km, Australia/New Zealand)
  • March 2006: Bass Strait Kayak Crossing (9 Days, 350km, Australia)
  • Nov 2001- Jan 2002: World First Murray river kayak traverse (49 days, 2560km, AUSTRALIA)
  • Producing and directing two international award winning documentaries
  • Crossing the Ditch 2009*
  • Crossing the Ice 2012*

*Between them, the two documentaries have won 15 film awards including grand prizes at the Banff Mountain International Film Festival, Kendal Mountain Film Festival, Vancouver International Mountain Festival and Dijon International Adventure Film Festival.

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