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Janina Kuzma

Six-time New Zealand Open Freeski Champion, two-time Canadian Freeski Champion, two-time World Heli Challenge Champion and 2014 Winter Olympian. Janina is one of the top professional female skiers of her generation and is one of the most confident big mountain skiers out there. Janina’s achievements on the snow speak for herself and she works dam hard for what she has achieved.

Janina, or ‘G’ as she is known to friends, has always had a love for the mountains, she grew up all over the world, from Papua New Guinea to Borneo to Australia. Now residing in Wanaka New Zealand and is a New Zealand freeski team member. Ripping around the ski resort of Fernie in Canada as a kid seeing all the guys tearing up the mountain didn’t let intimidation on the ski field stand in her way. Instead, she used the pressure and fear as motivation to rise up on the women’s competitive scene.

She made her first appearance in 2005 competing on the Canadian Freeski tour dominating the Canadian scene. Not only does this girl compete in the Big Mountain environment, but she can also shred in the park, having many podiums in pipe. In 2009 Janina became the first women to win a Big Mountain and Pipe title in The North Face Freeski Open of New Zealand. And in 2014 Janina placed 5th in the finals of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic ski halfpipe final - the debut of her chosen discipline. It will be the first time Half pipe skiing is show cased in the Olympic Games.






Wanaka, New Zealand

Favourite food?


What music you listen to?


Training Nutrition?

Water, Fruit, veges and Organic if possible

Three things you always pack?

Water, wallet and phone

Favourite Movie?

I have so many I can’t choose one in particular

Biggest Strength?

Being able to remember my lines

Biggest Weakness?


Proudest Sporting Moment?

5th at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Favourite TNF Product?

Halfdome hoodie. I wear mine pretty much everyday!!! And there are so many cool colours.

Causes you are passionate about?

Supermarkets being GMO free

Favourite destination for your sport?

North America

Favourite piece of history in your sport?

Halfpipe skiing being included into the Olympics


  • 5th - Ski Halfpipe, Sochi Winter Olympics



  • Sochi Winter Olymipc Halfpipe Qualifications 



  • 3rd - Chamoinix, Freeride World Tour
  • 3rd - NZ Freeski Open, Big Mountain
  • 3rd - Fieberbrunn, Freeride World Tour



  • NZ - Snow Sports Athlete of the Year
  • NZ - Freeskier of the year
  • 1st - World Heli Challenge
  • 3rd overall, Freeride World Tour
  • 2nd - La Culaz, Freeride World Tour
  • 2nd - Kirkwood, Freeride World Tour
  • 2nd - Nendaz, Freeride World Tour
  • 2nd - NZ Freerski Open, Big Mountain
  • 3rd - Verbier xtremes, Freeride World Tour
  • 3rd - NZ Freeski Open, Halfpipe



  • 1st - Volkl NZ Freeski Open, Big Mountain
  • 2nd - Volkl NZ Freeski Open, Halfpipe
  • 2nd - World Heli Challenge
  • 1st - Freeskiing World Tour Kirkwood, USA
  • 2nd - Freeride World Qualifier Nendaz, Switzerland
  • 3rd - Freeride World Tour Chamonix, France
  • 4th - Freeride World Tour Fieberbrunn, Austria
  • 4th - Freeride World Qualifier Engadin, Switzerland
  • 5th - Freeskiing World Tour Revelstoke, Canada
  • 6th - Freeride World Tour Squaw Valley, USA
  • 5th - Freeride World Tour Final Ranking 2010



  • 1st - Volkl NZ Open  – Big Mountain (Freeride World Tour Qualifier)
  • 1st - Volkl NZ Open – Halfpipe
  • 1st - World Heli Challenge, NZ
  • 1st - Canadian Freeski Open – Big Mountain
  • 1st - Stimrol Engadin Snow – Big Mountain
  • 1st - Mystic Freeride, Italy (Freeride World Tour Qualifier)
  • 2nd - Nendaz Freeride, Switzerland (Freeride World Tour Qualifier)
  • 3rd - Scott Big Mountain, Austria (Freeride World Tour Qualifier)
  • 5th - Winter Games Half Pipe
  • 7th - Nissan Freeride World Tour, 3rd stop, France
  • 7th - Nissan Freeride World Tour Final Ranking 2009



  • 1st - Volkl NZ Freeski open
  • 1st - Export Extremes Mt Ruapehu
  • 1st - Electric Quarterpipe Battle
  • 1st - Morro Big Air Turoa
  • 2nd - IFSA Subaru World Tour Alyaska, Alaska
  • 2nd - Fernie Big Mountain comp
  • 5th - Canadian Ledcor Freeski champs



  • 1st - Canadian Open Freeskiing Championship
  • 1st - Volkl NZ Freeski open Heli Challenge
  • 1st - Nokia Xtremes Mt Ruapehu
  • 1st - Queenstown Winter Fest Rail Jam
  • 1st - Snow Park Electric Quarter Pipe Battle
  • 1st - Fernie Big Air
  • 2nd - Slope style Cardrona Coca Cola Games
  • 4th - Super Pipe Cardrona Coca Cola Games



  • 1st - Fernie Big Mountain Challenge
  • 1st - Volkl NZ Free Ski Open Big Mountain Challenge
  • 1st - Marmot Xtremes Mt Ruapehu
  • 1st - Super Pipe Cardrona Coca Cola Games
  • 1st - Half Pipe Queenstown Winter Fest
  • 1st - Ski X Cardrona Coca Cola Games
  • 2nd - NZ Open K2 Super Pipe
  • 2nd - Lake Louise Slope Style
  • 3rd - Canadian Open Freeskiing Championship
  • 3rd - Lake Louise Big Mountain Challenge
  • 3rd - Fernie Big Air



  • 1st - Fernie Big Mountain Challenge
  • 1st - Lake Louise Big Mountain Challenge
  • 1st - Volkl NZ Freeski Open Big Mountain Challenge
  • 1st - Fernie Big Air
  • 1st - Lake Louise Super Pipe
  • 1st - Kimberly Night Style Session Big Air
  • 2nd - Queenstown Winter Fest Big Air (Coronet)
  • 2nd - Armageddon, (Snow Park NZ)

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