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James Castrission

James is half the Cas and Jonesy duo who are two aussie explorers constantly pushing the boundaries of human endurance.

On the 26th January 2012, they made history by completing the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time. In 100 years of polar exploration no-one had EVER walked from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back without assistance. Many had tried, none had succeeded. After 89 gruelling days they made it back to the coast after having skied 2275km with everything they needed to survive in the harshest environment on Earth.

Four years earlier they Crossed the Ditch – paddling 3318km without assistance across the Tasman Sea for another world first. They braved 10 metre swells, howling winds, endured severe food and sleep deprivation and adverse winds and currents. They became the first kayakers to cross the Tasman Sea as well as becoming the longest transoceanic double kayak expedition. Staggering upon the shores of New Zealand, the adventurers were sunburnt, bearded, underweight, and physically and mentally wasted…but most of all happy to be alive.

The boys are highly regarded as two of Australia’s premier public speakers and have written & produced four award winning books and documentaries about their expeditions.

Cas is an avid rock climber, trail runner and when not on a big expedition can be found galavanting round the Blue Mountains where he resides. He is massively passionate about getting individuals outside and has guided trips all over the planet.




14 March 1982



Favourite food?

A perfectly ripe banana.

What music you listen to?

Classic rock.

Training Nutrition? Before a big trip?


Three things you always pack?

Coffee, hair ties & TNF Redpoint Optimus Jacket.

Favourite Movie?

Rocky II

Biggest Strength?

When I’m committed I’m in.

Biggest Weakness?

There is no grey zone- only black and white.

Proudest Sporting Moment?

Tough call…. either arriving on the shore of NZ after having paddling across the Tasman or arriving at Hercules Inlet after the first unsupported return journey to the South Pole.

Most Humbling Moment?

Falling down a crevasse on Day 2 of a 3mth expedition in Anarctica. 2215km to go.

Favourite TNF Product?

Toss up between Ninja Balaclava and the Redpoint Optimus Jacket

Causes you are passionate about?

Getting people into the outdoors

Favourite destination for your sport?

The cold!

Favourite piece of history in your sport?

The incredible era of the “Age of Exploration” around the turn of last century.

Who inspires you most?

People out there just living their dream.

  • April 2013: Okefenokee Swamp Expedition (Georgia, USA)
  • Oct 2011 – Jan 2012: World first South Pole Return (89 days, 2275km, ANTARCTICA)
  • Nov 2007 – Jan 2008: World first Tasman Sea Kayak Crossing (62 days, 3318km, Australia/New Zealand)
  • March 2006: Bass Strait Kayak Crossing (9 Days, 350km, Australia)
  • Nov 2001- Jan 2002: World First Murray river kayak traverse (49 days, 2560km, AUSTRALIA) 

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