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Fraser McDougall

It started from small beginnings learning to ski at Canterbury’s Club fields in New Zealand; namely Temple Basin. His parents, both skiers, helped build the current infrastructure of the tiny club field some 30 years ago in their university days. They quickly instilled a passion in Fraser that would last to this day through yearly ski weeks at the Temple Basin club and later overseas trips to North America and Europe.

After relocating to Wanaka from New Zealand’s capital of Wellington, at the age of 11 Fraser has had years of ski race training and freestyle coaching, helping to develop his skiing while also picking up rock climbing and gliding as off-season activities. There is no doubt that the small town of Wanaka has helped shape this Fraser’s passion for the outdoors.

In 2005 Fraser competed in his first competition. It was at the New Zealand Nationals, where he made finals in the under 18’s category. After the competition a brand representative approached him with a sponsorship offer starting years of support as a branded athlete. 

In 2009 Fraser came off a top season in Europe with an international Big Mountain competition win and with many images posted in a number of magazines around the world. It was after this season that Fraser joined The North Face team.

With the premise that every success is built on the ability to do better than good enough, Fraser is prepared to work that little bit harder for sponsors and skiing alike.

A growing trend within big mountain skiing currently sees athletes more as multitalented adventurers, eschewing the pampered heli ski lodges for down jackets, touring gear and dehydrated meals. Trading in the perfect terrain park jumps for handmade backcountry jumps, or natural cliff jumps and exploring the farthest, the highest and the more obscene areas to ski. Fraser has aligned his training with these ideals.


18 August 1990



Favourite food?                                        


What music you listen to?    

Indie Rock

Training Nutrition?                

Eggs / protein powder / scroggin

Three things you always pack?          

TNF fly weight duffel bag / TNF puffer / I-phone 

Favourite Movie?                    

Focused (MSP Ski movie 2003)

Biggest Strength?                    

Visualising lines/route finding 

Biggest Weakness?                

Stomping big cliffs

Proudest Sporting Moment?              

1st place Engadinsnow Invitational St Moritz

Most Humbling Moment?    

Coming back to ski the club fields after a season in Europe

Favourite TNF Product?                        

So many!  Lightweight puffer range or Duffel bag range

Causes you are passionate about?  

Supporting local businesses and local sporting bodies/clubs.

Favourite destination for your sport?            

Swiss Alps

Favourite piece of history in your sport?

The New Zealand club field era

Who inspires you most?                      

Chris Benchetler or Pep Fujas 


  • 1st Place Engadin-snow Invitational St Moritz        
  • Ski Journal Contents Page


  • Ski Journal photo journal  (1 and ½) page
  • 3rd Place World Heli Challenge                                     
  • The North Face Mt Cook National park skiing touring trip


  • 2nd Place World Heli Challenge
  • Outside Magazine Double Page Spread


  • World Heli Challenge - Shane McConkey Award (AK Heli Skiing)
  • 2013- The North Face Mt Cook National Park ski touring with Sam Smoothy


  • Filming with Legs of Steel (LOS) Japan segment

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