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Clint Allan

Clint Allan grew up between the Beaches and Mountains of Southern NSW,  Australia. At a young age it was obvious that Clint was going places with Snowboarding as his skill had been noticed by all who witnessed the youngster shredding around Perisher every season, all season long.

Clint grew into the snowboarder that he had been promising to be and starting competing internationally at the age of 15. He placed 3rd in the World Junior Champs three years in a row as well as finishing on the podium many more times.

Clint competed until his early 20’s, although in his late teens he was taken to Whistler and introduced to sledding by his mates and it caused a major shift in his approach. After meeting and filming with Gabe Taylor an Shane Posposil around Mammoth for a few years he eventually made the move to Whistler, hooking up with DCP and joining the YES Snowboards team where he has been shredding ever since. 




Berrara, NSW, Australia.

Favourite food?


What music you listen to?

Everything and anything.

Training Nutrition? 

haha nope. Although I always try to eat pretty well.

Three things you always pack?

Transceiver, shovel , and xanax for travel days.

Favourite Movie?

True romance.

Biggest Strength?


Biggest Weakness?


Proudest Sporting Moment?

Every day in the mountains.

Most Humbling Moment?

First day heli-boarding in Alaska.

Favourite TNF Product?

Thunder Jacket.

Favourite destination for your sport?


Favourite piece of history in your sport?

Terje, being the man and brushing the Olympics in 98.

Who inspires you most?

My team mates and friends.

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