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Angie Scarth-Johnson

Angie started climbing at seven years old. After a nasty tree climbing accident she was taken to a local climbing gym in Canberra to climb in a safe environment and showed a natural ability and talent. She was very keen to lead climb but being so young she was unable to do this in the gym. She would stand around at the gym watching climbers and asking for advice. Some of the regular climbers noticed her interest and desire, unusual at such a young age and offered to take her outdoors where she could learn to lead climb.

That was the start of her real passion for climbing and all things outdoors. Although Angie does not come from a climbing family, once given the opportunity she progressed at a rapid rate, being able to read climbing sequences easily. Angie also believes that not coming from a climbing background had some advantages. She didn’t have anyone to put up a top rope for her, so she had to lead and work out every route herself. She wasn’t allowed to clean her climbs until recently so she had to down climb the routes. She believes this made her stronger and resilient in her climbing.

Angie mainly taught herself over the years but has always been encouraged and mentored by various climbers. Her dedication and determination lead her to begin to write her own training programs and train herself to achieve her goals. However, she has recently felt that she needed some additional help with her training and now is being coached online. 

"I love everything about climbing, the best thing is being outdoors, going somewhere new and exploring the area to find the perfect climb for me. Because I am very short and my parents don’t climb this takes a lot of time but that’s what makes it so fun - it becomes an adventure.  I also love all the different people that I meet from so many different cultures." - Angie Scarth-Johnson

NICKNAME: My real name is Angelina but everyone calls me Angie or Ang.

D.O.B: 20/05/2004

HOMETOWN: I now live in the Blue Mountains but I’m originally from Canberra.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Tacos & Sushi  

WHAT MUSIC YOU LISTEN TO? When I am training, I really like to listen to anything Dubstep because it gets me psyched.


I don’t really have a nutrition plan, I usually eat food that is really healthy anyway because I can’t eat gluten.


  1.    Paw Paw lip ointment.
  2.    ‘Lizzy’ my teddy bear that’s a Lizard. She has travelled all over the world with me.
  3.    My Climbing Gear and My Dad to Belay me.


‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ 


I’m really good at crimps and I like overhung routes.


I sometimes struggle with exposed slab routes, it can be really scary taking a fall, but I’ve been trying to get better at this by doing more multi pitches.


Becoming the youngest person ever to have sent a 31 and 32/33.


The Thermoball Jacket, it’s really warm and it looks awesome. And my hiking boots. 


I really love climbing in Spain. There is so much rock, you can always find something awesome to climb. The best is going to Rodellar in Spain because you can also go cannoning on rest days - it’s such a cool place. 


My mum and dad inspire me because they believe in me and support everything I do. They always tell me that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and love what you do.  

‘Wrong Movements’ (27) at Centennial Glen in the Blue Mountains (age 8)

Youngest person ever to send a grade (31) ‘Swingline’ at Red River Gorge, USA (age 9)

Youngest person to send a (32/33) ‘ Tijuanita /Welcome to Tijuana’ in Rodellar Spain (age 10)


State and National Australian Champion in both Lead and Bouldering (youth D – under 11s) for three consecutive years, since she was 8 years old.

Oceania Bouldering Champion 2014 (youth D)

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