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Our Favourite Multi-Day Missions in Australia & New Zealand

Read about some of our favourite mutli-day missions.

We teamed up with the crew at We Are Explorers, and asked their cohort of adventurer photographers around Australia and New Zealand what their favourite multi-day missions were. Safe to say there's an abundance of options on our little islands, so here are a few that stood out for us. Find the one you’d like to tick off next. 

Backing Women in Adventure

Evelina Neelson, Janina Kuzma & Anna Segal in New Zealand

For over ten years The North Face has operated in Australia and New Zealand, working to bring the global vision of the brand to our local communities here. From the beginning, we have been committed to serving all those who desire to explore. At our core, we believe exploration creates an indelible bond with the outdoors, inspiring people to protect our land and pass these beliefs down to the next generation.

While we are committed to serving all those who desire to explore, we know that women can be under-represented and misrepresented in exploration. We realise the importance of supporting female participation in the outdoors, at both entry and elite levels. We have aspired to do this through our athlete team, our brand team and our community outreach. We want you to meet some of the driven female athletes and adventurers we've been working with, the role models who are set to inspire the next generation of female explorers. 

An Interview: Growing up the Son of Sir Chris Bonington

Sir Chris Bonington

Ahead of a special evening with Sir Chris Bonington live in Sydney at the Cremorne Orpheum, we chat to his son and adventurer Joe Bonington about his life growing up with an eminent mountaineer for a father, and how it has influenced his life and his family today. 

Luminous Blue: New Route in Bungonia Gorge

Lee Cossey on Luminous Blue in Bongonia Gorge shot by Kamil Sustiak

Lee Cossey recounts his process of developing a new route in Bungonia Gorge - a process that started in his year 12 english book, and has come to life on the rock. 

How the Trail Running Scene Reignited David Byrne’s Stride

David Byrne shot by Mark Watson

A chance encounter filming for The North Face 100 reignited Dave Byrne's passion for running which was rooted in track. Working the event gave him an insight into the world of trail running and the unique community built around it. Not long after he was proclaiming that he'd be running his own 100km trail race, not filming it. Hear how The North Face trail runner Dave Byrne made the switch from road to trail. 


Where do you go to get inspired? To learn about what Australian and New Zealand top athletes are up to? To conjure grand plans for your next adventure? To share stories of exploration and the human will? The answer – right here. 

We invite you to join us in enriching lives with stories of the outdoors, told through imagery, videos, athletes and events that we support, and the greater outdoor community of Australia and New Zealand.

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