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The North Face 100 Ultra Trail World Tour

The North Face 100 Ultra Trail World Tour
The iconic Australian ultra-marathon, The North Face® 100, is delighted to officially announce it has joined the Ultra-Trail® World Tour (UTWT) for its debut year in 2014.

TNF100 Ultra-Trail

The inaugural UTWT brings together, for the first time, a calendar of 10 of the world’s toughest, most beautiful and culturally diverse races on planet, challenging both elite and aspiring ultra-runners to adapt to the variety of climates, conditions and terrain presented by these iconic events.

The North Face 100, now approaching its seventh year, has already established itself as a ‘must-do’ ultra-event on the global stage, and now the gruelling 100km run in the world-heritage-listed Blue Mountains will take its place alongside international events that are both uniquely challenging and historic, including:

  • Morocco’s Marathon Des Sables -  the original multiday desert race;
  • Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, USA - where the concept of running 100 miles in under 24 hours was born;
  • Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc, France - the unofficial world championship of 100 mile trail running;
  • Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji, Japan - an incredibly tough 100 mile race giving athletes the chance to experience Japan’s greatest mountain and thriving endurance running culture;
  • Vibram Tarawera 100km Ultra Marathon, New Zealand - a rapidly growing 100km trail race through some of that country’s most spectacular wild areas;
  • The North Face Transgrancanaria, Canary Islands;
  • Vibram Hong Kong 100;
  • The North Face Lavaredo Ultra-Trail, Italy;
  • La Diagonal Des Fous, Reunion Island.

The North Face Australia Marketing Manager, Stephen Winnacott, said he was excited about the partnership, viewing the Ultra-Trail World Tour as the perfect opportunity to reinforce the brand’s rich heritage with the outdoors and endurance sports.

“By cultivating wider recognition and interest both locally and globally, like the thousands of entrants who have crossed our finish line, The North Face 100 will endure,” said Winnacott.

“The coming together of runners from different backgrounds and corners of the globe is always an enriching and mutually rewarding aspect of any race. Building new friendships, sharing an appreciation of the wild outdoors, and discovering experiences beyond our own borders were all incentives in our decision to join Ultra-Trail World Tour.”

The increased exposure should see more top internationals taking part in the UTWT, as well as an upsurge of international guests and their supporters to Australia’s beloved Blue Mountains.


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