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Our Favourite Multi-Day Missions in Australia & New Zealand

Read about some of our favourite mutli-day missions.

We teamed up with the crew at We Are Explorers, and asked their cohort of adventurer photographers around Australia and New Zealand what their favourite multi-day missions were. Safe to say there's an abundance of options on our little islands, so here are a few that stood out for us. Find the one you’d like to tick off next. 

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Larapinta Trail, Distance: 223km 

Larapinta Trail, Photo by Joel Johnsson
"There’s a sense of vastness here, a feeling that the concepts of time and space have started to fray at the edges and unravel in the heat. The days roll on and melt into each other; time is measured in footsteps and sunsets. And in the end, the words are just an echo of the experience – they can never capture the interplay between light and colour, the flux of heat and cold through your body, the crease and texture of the landscape, the heat, the hardship, the quiet, the wonder." - Photo and words by Joel Johnsson
Find more from Joel: @aesthetics.of.adventure


Murchison Gorge Trail, Kalbarri National Park, Distance: 49km

Murchison Gorge, Photo by Evan Miller

"Be prepared to get wet! This four-day trek has it all, from river crossings, climbing and scrambling, abundant wildlife and zero crowds as it follows the Murchison river from the famous Natures Window down to Ross Graham Lookout." - Photo and words by Evan Miller
Find more from Evan: @ev.d.miller

Bibbulmun Track, Pemberton to Northcliffe, Distance: 59km 

Bibbulmun Track, Photo by Chris McDiarmid

"Feeling minute among the giant Karri trees, this is without a doubt the most scenic stretch of this historical trail." - Photo and words by Chris McDiarmid
Find more from Chris: @chris.mcdijon


Kangaroo Wilderness Trail, Distance: 61km 

Kangaroo Wilderness Trail, Photo by Brooke Nolan

"Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail is one of Australia's newest multi-day hikes. We saw kangaroos, koalas, seals, and so much more. But what we didn't see? Another person. For nearly 70km. It was truly one of the most magical experiences of my life. Get there before everyone else does." – Brooke Nolan
Find more from Brooke: | @giveintoadventure


Main Range Track, Kosciusko National Park, Distance: 22km

Main Range Track, Kosciusko National Park, Photo by Adrian Mascenon

“My favourite multi day hike would be an extension of the Main Range Track in Kosciusko National Park, NSW. This particular trip extends the already accessible Main Range Track across three days to summit Australia's three highest peaks, Mt. Twynam, Mt. Townsend and Mt. Kosciusko. This image was taken near Alice Rawson Peak, overlooking our second campsite, just below the summit of Mt Townsend. You'd be forgiven for thinking you've stepped into another country, but no. Here in the shadow of Mt. Townsend we lay, making camp on the roof of Australia.” - Photo and words by Adrian Mascenon
Find more from Adrian: | @adrianmascenon


The Green Gully Track, Distance: 65km 

Green Gully Track, Photo by Rachel Dimond

“Every day was something different on the Green Gully Track, winding fire trails, steep ridge line descents and even a day of river walking. In my opinion it is one of the quintessential Australian multi-day hikes and it should be on every bucket list.” – Photo and words by Rachel Dimond 
Find more from Rachel: @wanderer_rachel

Corker Trail, Barrington Top National Parks, Distance: 20km 

Corker Trail, Amelia Gillies

“These shots were taken from Careys Peak, a point on the multi-day Corker Trail hike in Barrington Tops National Park. At the end of a day hiking up 35 degree slopes and rising over 1000m in elevation, these views made every (steep) step worth it. I sat at Carey's Peak for over an hour at sunset, watching the light fade over the hills as a thunderstorm rolled in. It was also a great place to reflect on how far I've come since my very first multi-day hike. My bag is lighter, as I'm better at choosing what to pack, my legs are stronger, but I am just as excited to find my next hike as I was after my very first multi-day hike.” – Photo and words by Amelia Gillies


Razorback Ridge, Distance: 60km 

Razorback Ridge, Photo by Adam Gearing

"The name Razorback Ridge perfectly describes this exposed and undulating terrain. With Mt Feathertop in the distance, you're treated to sprawling views of dramatic clouds and rolling hills from both sides, with plenty of places to sit down and take it all in. This was a circuit that started at Heathy Spur Carpark at Falls Creek, then on to Mt. Hotham, along Razroback Ridge, up Mt. Feathertop and back to Falls Creek over the Bogong High Plains Area. Another common option is to do an overnight trek, parking at Mt Hotham." - Photo and words by Adam Gearing 
Find more from Adam: | @adamgearing


Wilsons Promontory Eastern Circuit, Distance: 36.5km 

Wilsons Promontory, Photo by Alex Kostas

“I have done this circuit twice now, and it is favourite because you are hiking along the bottom of Australia, and you feel like you are at the edge of world. I also love the extreme changes in geography, through lush rainforest and arid mountain peaks, down to pristine sandy beaches.” – Photo and words by Alex Kostas
Find more from Alex: @kostasbros_photography

Great Ocean Walk, Distance: 100km 

Great Ocean Walk, Photo by Mark Watson

"I was born and bred on a wild coast of the driest continent on the planet, where mountains are of liquid form only, moulded by the cold winds of Southern Australian winters colliding with the great ocean swells of the Pacific Ocean. It is here where the 8 day, 100km Great Ocean Walk shows off the majesty of Mother Nature. Where campsites offer the sound of booming surf, enormous Mountain Ash forests plunge into dark, lush fern gullies and the crystal clear streams cascade over boulder and pebble onto deserted sandy beaches. Meandering Southward, a final reward is the sight of the enormous majestic limestone stacks of ‘The 12 Apostles’  standing tall against the ferocity of the Pacific Ocean and offering a view of a lifetime, as the sun sets over a wild and windswept coast." Photo and words by Mark Watson
Find more from Mark Watson: | @inciteimages


Walls of Jeruselum, Distance: 30km 
Walls of Jeruselum, Photo by Kate Miles

"If its isolation, views and an environment so beautiful it will leave your jaw dropped, then add Tasmania's incredible Walls of Jerusalem to the top of your list!" -  Photo and words by Kate Miles 
Find more from Kate: @kate_miles_

Western Arthurs Traverse, Distance: 15km 

Western Arthurs, Photo by Hayley Talbot

"The Western Arthurs in the south western wilds of Tasmania has one hell of a reputation, and she didn’t disappoint. She’s a small range at only 15km long, but with 22 glaciated peaks, towering cliffs, over 30 hanging lakes, and volatile Antarctic winds she packs a solid punch, and is generally regarded among the initiated to be the most spectacular, and most dangerous traverse in Australia." - Photo and words by Hayley Talbot
Find more from Hayley: @hayleytalbot

Federation Peak, Distance: 40km, plus climb

Federation Peak, Photo by Mitchell Scanlan-Bloor

"To get to the base of Federation Peak is 20km of the most heinous mud-wading, river-jumping, leech-dodging tangle of ancient alpine jungle. It took us 4 days of getting lost and beat down with rain to make that 20km. When we finally reached the top campsite and soon after the sun peeped out, we rushed to pull out our soaked gear to dry. In that point, just sitting out in the sun and watching the mist flow through the valley, was when we truly found domestic bliss on Federation Peak." - Photo and words by Micthell Scanlan-Bloor
Find more from Mitchell: | @_mitchsb_


Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Distance: 19.4km 

Tongariro Crossing, Photo by Robin Visser

"After a though 800 meter ascent, the glistening emerald lakes are truly a sight for sore eyes. Start early and see the sunrise over the mountains. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is an unforgetable experience.” - Photo and words by Robin Visser
Find more from Robin: | @rwilliamjv


Kepler Track, Distance: 60km 

Keplar Track, Nicholas Di Genni

“This is one of my all-time favourite hikes because I was able to do it with Mum. Not your conventional Mother-Son bonding activity but from the views to the long days walking, it was an experience I will never forget.” – Photo and words by Nicholas Di Genni

Routeburn Track, Distance: 32km 

Routeburn Track, Rachel Dimond

“Whenever you talk to a hiker about the weather in New Zealand there is a pretty good chance they have a story about it, well now I do too. Sub-zero temperatures, gale force winds, constant rain, snow and track closures, did I mention it was November? A truly awesome experience.” – Photo and words by Rachel Dimond
Find more from Rachel: @wanderer_rachel

Time to start planning which one you want to tick off next. 

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