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Mountain Athletics Launches at Joes Basecamp

Mountain Athletics Launch at Joes Basecamp

The North Face partnered with Sydney-based gym, Joes Basecamp to launch the Mountain Athletics apparel line and training app. At the launch, Joe Bonington and his trainers took us through a Mountain Athletics workout designed specifically for backcountry skiing, with workouts taken from the trainig app. We also heard from some of the inspiring members from Joes Basecamp who are achieving great things in the outdoors, including Hayley Talbot, Gareth Andrews and Stephen Bock. 


Joe Bonginton

Joe Bonington is the founder of Joe’s Basecamp. He has been helping people kick amazing goals and tick bucket list items for fifteen years. He specialises in helping ordinary people to unlock their full potential.

Joe’s passions are strength and conditioning and the great outdoors. Joe has trained with world leaders in fitness, strength, conditioning and holistic health. He is also a trek leader who has lead treks to the Annapurna region, Everest, Kokoda, Kilimanjaro and Bhutan. Joe has a long family history of mountaineering and adventure, his father being one of Britain’s pre-eminent mountaineers. 

His business parter, Henry Talbot has this to say about training at Joes Basecamp: 

“I’m not a personal trainer and generally ignore Joe’s instructions to stretch more. So why am I helping build Joe’s Basecamp? Because I firmly believe this is what fitness should be about, let me explain. I met Joe in 2008 having been recommended by a fitness industry leader to train with Joe for a looming Kokoda Trail adventure with a couple of mates. Since then, I’m a walking example of training for life’s adventures – I have run, trekked, climbed and most importantly experienced some of the most special places on the planet with family and friends and there a million more places to explore. The friendships and memories my fitness has enabled me to experience are things I’ll cherish and be proud of until my last day. I believe that people are physically capable of more than they they think they are and that getting fit is about enabling ourselves to explore the planet."

Joes Basecamp

As for Stephen Bock, member of Joes Basecamp, his training is what helped him reach the summit of Everest.

"Thirty years ago I had a dream, that dream was to climb the highest mountain on the planet. Five years ago that dream became real when I was offered a chance to join an Australian team that was going. At that point in my life I was 20kg overweight, I hadn't climbed for over 10 years, I had just gotten divorced and so financially/ mentally wasn't in the best position - yet I grabbed the team slot. In just 11 months lead-up Joe transformed me both physically and mentally into the shape of my life. On the 23rd May 2010 at 8:30am I stood on the summit of Mount Everest and I owe that to Joe Bonington."

Mountain Athletics Gear

The North Face Mountain Athletics range was on display, and tested out in the workout led by Joe Bonington and his trainers. Mountain Athletics gear is engineered with FlashDry-XD technology that keeps you dry and won't snag, pill or pull. Materials designed to stretch, flex and move with your most rigorous workout. The gear has been designed around three key principles: durability, freedom of movement, and progessive pieces. Explore Mountain Athletics: Mens | Womens

Mountain Athletics

A big thank you to everyone who came out to check out Mountain Athletics and Joes Basecamp. Our hope is that everyone left inspired to set their own goals and go big outdoors. Download The North Face Mountain Athletics Training App from the App Store today to start training for your next big outdoor goal.

Share your goals with #MountainAthletics and #ITrainFor on Facebook and Instagram.

If you're a Sydney-local with a passion for the outdoors and big adventure goals, check out Joes Basecamp - training for life's adventures. 



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