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Go The Other Way: Win the Ultimate Summit Series Experience

Win the Summit Series Experience

Embark on an exclusive winter alpine climbing expedition with The North Face and Adventure Consultants. Test the new Summit Series Collection ice climbing and mountaineering from our heli-accessed basecamp located in Wye Creek, New Zealand’s Southern Alps. 

Summit Series, Reimagined

Langtan, Nepal shot by Tim Kemple

The North Face Summit Series collection represents the world’s finest alpine equipment, reimagined. Designed as the most elite equipment for exploring the world’s harshest environments, this pinnacle line is crafted on three guiding principles: Respect. Inspire. Evolve. Joe Vernachio, Vice President of Global Product for The North Face, sat down with us to discuss the inspiration for the Summit Series relaunch.

Exploring America's National Parks with Conrad Anker


Have a trip planned to check out some of America's National Parks? Get a glimpse into the natural landscapes before you book your flights. Millions have packed up the family to hike through lush forests, to gaze upon towering cliffs and deep-plunging canyons, to witness the breathtaking arcs of natural history, and, most of all, to share moments of wonder amid the protected wilderness.

Who's Your Crew? Find The Perfect Tent for the Long Weekend

ThermoBall Camping

Everyone’s ready to get a jump on the long weekend. When the time for adventure rolls along, who do you head out into the wild with? Whether you're flying solo, taking off with your trusted ally or bringing the family, find the perfect tent for you and your crew for all your short and long weekend adventures to come.

Seven Peaks Series: Run Until It's Done

Seven Peaks Series

Testing himself on new terrain, climber and coach Duncan Brown is diversifying to a challenge on the trails. Tomorrow he will set off to run the 7 Peaks in Victoria's High Country alongside ultrarunner Emma Timmis, with the goal to complete all seven runs back to back. 


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She Moves Mountains

For more than 50 years, The North Face has empowered people to push their boundaries in the outdoors. Today, we are enabling the future of all exploration by celebrating creators, athletes, educators, innovators. Relentless and unexpected explorers—role models who move mountains.

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