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Get Versatile with ThermoBall

Get Versatile with ThermoBall

If ever there were a killer of adventure, monotony would be its name. When your routine creeps in, with tedious repetition, you need to know how to amp things up. Inspired by the go-to jacket for versatility, the ThermoBall, we've got some tips to make sure you keep it interesting.    

Top 10 Tracks: Explore Queenstown By Foot with Luke Welch

Luke Welch

Growing up in the rolling hills and moors of Northumberland England, Luke Welch developed a deep love of the outdoors. From day walks and overnight camping trips as a kid, to devoting weekends to hiking, camping, and climbing as a teen, he eventually moved to Wales to become an outdoor instructor. During a camping trip in Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, a friend and colleague suggested a move further afield: New Zealand. At first the idea was brushed off, but now Luke Welch is an important part of The North Face Queenstown store, and an authority on exploring Queenstown by foot.

Thirty Peaks by Thirty with Hanny Allston

Hanny Allston

The dirty thirty. Some dread it. Others run towards it. Or rather, run up thirty peaks towards it. Hanny Allston, ultra runner, owner of Find Your Feet and advocate for the great outdoors, set herself a mission to bag thirty peaks before her thirtieth birthday this year. She was able to celebrate atop Fischer Bluff, Tasmania - one year older, thirty peaks behind her and with just one wish for the decade to come - to stop climate change. 

Duncan Brown: Athlete By Choice

Duncan Brown

Duncan Brown makes improving climbers his personal business. When he's not deep in a Skype session coaching clients, you can find him high up on a rock face sticking moves. When he's not busy making plans for his new training facility, you can find him living out his decked-out van working his latest project. With a passion for climbing, the outdoors, a new-found interest in ultra running, a disdain for television, a love of music and a secret wooden flute collection, Duncan Brown is a welcome addition to The North Face ambassador team in Australia and New Zealand. 


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