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ThermoBall: Never One Place, Always One Jacket

ThermoBall Jacket - Never One Place, Always One Jacket

From foreign layovers to soaking-wet chairlifts, from mountain peaks to deep and dense forests, from dirt trails to rock slabs, ThermoBall provides ultralight warmth in any condition, wherever your feet and hands take you.  

Gear 101 for The North Face 100: Rainwear with Hanny Allston

Hanny Allston by Graham Hammond

With The North Face 100 just two weeks away, we are leaving it to the resident of Tassie, Hanny Allston to cover the topic of rainwear for wet weather trail running. Check out her five simple features to look for when considering a jacket to get you through foul weather on the trails. 

The Driving Force: Stories from The North Face 100 Runners

Adrian MacHunter
This week The North Face 100 runner Adrian MacHunter talks about the club many of you are about to join, or are already in. It is something that closely bonds complete strangers, relationships built on mutual respect, gained through struggle, perseverance, and grit. With a simple head nod you know, you’re part of the club. You’re an ultra runner. 

Gear 101 for The North Face 100: Packing Mandatory Gear with Andrew Tuckey

Andrew Tuckey, Mount Buffalo
While Andrew Tuckey may not need to get out his torch or hi-vis gear during The North Face 100, finishing up the 100km race well within the hours of daylight, he still has a wealth of knowledge on how to best pack your mandatory gear for the race. Not sure how to pack everything in? Here's his advice.

Alex Honnold's Spring Break - The Opposite of Tourism

Alex Honnold

As most climbing enthusiasts have heard, Alex Honnold has been roaming around Australia checking out the quality crags that are on offer down under. Here he gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his take on Spring Break.


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