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Summit Series: The Future of Lightweight Alpine Protection

Cory Richards, Emily Harrington. Telluride, CO. Photographer: Keith Ladzinski
Cory Richards, Emily Harrington. Telluride, CO. Photographer: Keith Ladzinski

For Winter 2015, Summit Series™ represents the future of lightweight alpine protection. Innovating for firsts requires a unique approach to product development. It’s more than simply making a jacket warmer or lighter; it’s breaking new ground and creating pioneering designs that set the industry standard. Innovation, function, aesthetic, fit and finish – these are the five integral components of every Summit Series design and are what put Summit Series in a class of its own.


Mount Arapiles-Tooan State Park
Photo: Mount Arapiles, Victoria by Lee Cossey

'It’s not all about boning down on fingernail-sized edges on some radically overhanging wall.' We talk to The North Face athletes Lee and Ben Cossey about some of their favourite climbing areas and routes in Australia, to give you some ideas for the long weekend ahead. Read more to get inspired and start planning out your next adventure.

The Driving Force: What Takes You Through Each Stride

The North Face 100, Blue Mountains Photo By Lyndon Marceau

Everyone’s got a story. While you’re trudging through your sixtieth, seventieth, eightieth kilometre there’s a whole host of people wondering why you’re doing it. Maybe you’re even questioning why at this point.

The North Face Adventure Grant: Training Update - The First Hurdle

Jordan Searle running the falls on Rio Chapeco
Photo: Jordan Searle charging the falls on Rio Chapeco, Brazil 

Exploration has long been a battle of risk and reward. While seeking the reward of first descent of Salto Saudades on the Rio Chapeco in Santa Catarina, Brazil, The North Face Adventure Grant 2015 recipient, Jordan Searle slipped into the quantum of risk.

Six Foot Track Marathon: Hanny Allston's Record-Breaking Win

Hanny Allston on the Six Foot Track
In an incredible display of athletic ability and mental strength, Hanny Allston broke the Six Foot Track women’s record on Saturday, March 14 in the Blue Mountains, previously set in 2006 by Emma Murray. We talk to her about the race, the recovery and her greatest running inspirations.


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