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The North Face Adventure Grant: First Descent of the Karangarua River

First Descent Karangarua River, New Zealand

The North Face Adventure Grant exists to aid adventurers in Australia and New Zealand in achieving their dream expeditions. After two days of scouting the Karangarua River, Jordan Searle and his team completed the First Descent from Christmas Hut to Cassel Flat and continued through to the Tasman Sea. Jordan Searle was the recipient for The North Face Adventure Grant 2015.

Luke Staveley Takes on Burton Rail Days | Tokyo, Japan

Burton Rail Days

After an impressive performance at Burton Cattleman's Event held at Mt Buller, Victoria, Luke Staveley scored himself a ticket to Burton Rail Days in Tokyo, Japan. Held in the Roppongi Hills Arena, in the beating heart of Tokyo, The Fifth Annual Burton Rail Days, hosts top urban snowboarders from around the world. This year with Luke was among the 17 riders to compete on a specially designed street feature surrounded by an up-close and personal audience. 

The North Face Adventure Grant | One Month to Apply

Jordan Searle and David Bain Scouting the Karangarua River

The North Face Adventure Grant has taken Australian and New Zealand residents around the world, allowing them to attempt their boldest expeditions. From a peak-bagging saga through New Zealand, to exploratory canyoning on La Reunion, summit attempts in Nepal, and Afghanistan, recipients of The North Face Adventure Grant have used the support to pursue their far-reaching goals in the great outdoors, to go in search of the unknown. With one month left to apply for the 2016 grant, it's time to start bedding down plans for your next big adventure. 

One Night, Two Short Films

 Tero Rapo

Join us for the premier of two short films at The North Face Bondi Junction store - Good Company Two and Degrees North. 

Chasing the Endless Winter

 Janina Kuzma shot by Hanno Mackowitz

A profressional pow-chaser, shredding her way through years of endless winters, Janina Kuzma knows a thing or two about the chase. Going on twenty-four consecutive winters, she hustles between backcountry in her backyard, filming and competition, spring camps and training. If you're looking to get your hustle on in the snow, take a page out of her book. 


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