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Collaborators: Fraser McDougall & Mark Clinton Chase the Ultimate Angle

In Collaborators, the team at Canon Australia capture the relationship between The North Face skier Fraser McDougall and photographer Mark Clinton. We have a look at some of Mark's favourite images captured in the mountains of New Zealand, while exploring the natural landscapes with Fraser McDougall. 

Fraser McDougall was the first person Mark Clinton met when he visited Wanaka, New Zealand for the first time about four years ago. He's been back every year since, and Mark and Fraser have developed a strong working relationship in the mountains of the surrounding area.  

Fraser taught Mark how to ski, and has now been out on missions in the mountains with him at Franz Josef Glacier, Mount Olympus Ski Area, Ohau Snow Fields, Treble Cone, and more. Just four years ago, having not been on snow, Mark's now been fully immersed into the snowsports lifestyle of New Zealand that Fraser's helped introduce him to. We put together some of his favourite shots from their recent project Collaborators. 

Fraser McDougall shot by Mark Clinton
PHOTO: Frasers second biggest passion, flying. Post recce yarns in the hanger.
Fraser McDougall shot by Mark Clinton
PHOTO: Having the use of the helicopter offers flexibility. The elevated angle glorifying an otherwise gentle turn on a gentle slope.
Fraser McDougall shot by Mark Clinton
PHOTO: Fraser descending on first run of the morning, Minaret, Mt. Aspring National Park.
Fraser McDougall shot by Mark Clinton
PHOTO: Fraser's high level of fitness paying off. Another turn on one of the colder, south facing aspects at Minaret, Mount Aspiring National Park. 
Mount Aspiring shot by Mark Clinton
PHOTO: Mt Aspiring at sunrise. The biggest mountain in the area which holds huge significance to the town of Wanaka.

Penchant for photography? Watch the full edit from Canon Australia on their YouTube Channel.
Find more epic ski shots by following Fraser McDougall and Mark Clinton on Instagram: @frasermcdougall@markclinton 


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