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Evelina Neelson, Janina Kuzma & Anna Segal in New Zealand

For over ten years The North Face has operated in Australia and New Zealand, working to bring the global vision of the brand to our local communities here. From the beginning, we have been committed to serving all those who desire to explore. At our core, we believe exploration creates an indelible bond with the outdoors, inspiring people to protect our land and pass these beliefs down to the next generation.

While we are committed to serving all those who desire to explore, we know that women can be under-represented and misrepresented in exploration. We realise the importance of supporting female participation in the outdoors, at both entry and elite levels. We have aspired to do this through our athlete team, our brand team and our community outreach. We want you to meet some of the driven female athletes and adventurers we've been working with, the role models who are set to inspire the next generation of female explorers. 


Janina Kuzma shot by Mark Watson
Photo by Mark Watson

Having just competed at her second Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang 2018, Janina Kuzma has been a competitive force in the halfpipe, but matches this talent in her big mountain riding. From competitions, to backcountry film projects and exploratory ski missions, Janina has a full-throttle schedule that rolls one winter into the next.

Based in Wanaka, New Zealand, Janina is always chasing the endless winter, currently stationed in Fernie, British Columbia.

Follow her on her endless winter at: | @janinakuzma 

Janina Kuzma shot by Neil Kerr
Photo by Neil Kerr


Anna Segal shot by Mark Watson
Photo by Mark Watson

Anna Segal is a professional freeskier, born in Australia, and the newest member of The North Face Australia athlete team. Over the last decade Anna has achieved international success on the competitive freeskiing circuit in slopestyle skiing. This includes competing for Australia in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Since the Olympics, Anna has branched out with the aim of developing her backcountry skiing skills and progressing the sport she loves in ways that competition wouldn't allow. She's just finished working on a two year film project, Finding The Line, a feature length documentary that uses extreme skiing as a vehicle to explore fear and how people deal with this powerful emotion. 

Follow her adventures at: | @anna_segal

Anna Segal shot by Mark Watson
Photo by Mark Watson


Angie Scarth-Johnson shot by Simon Carter
Photo by Simon Carter

Climbing from the age of 7, Angie is the youngest member of The North Face athlete team. Now at thirteen-years old, she's climbing at a level that few others in Australia are. She balances her time between training, competing, and travelling for climbing, all while keeping her grades up in the classroom (whether that's at school or in between time at the crag). Currently pushing to achieve her climbing goals in Spain, Angie is also training for the World Youths competition later this year. 

For inpsiration from the rock find her at:

Angie Scarth-Johnson shot by Simon Carter
Photo by Simon Carter


Lisa Tamati shot by Mark Watson
Photo by Mark Watson

Lisa has traversed on foot almost every major desert in the world, run the 2250km length of New Zealand in 38 days, and ran in the ‘toughest footrace on the planet’ - La Ultra - The High, running over the two highest motorable passes in the Himalayas. Based in New Plymouth, New Zealand, Lisa is a motivational speaker, author and mindset coach, teaching people how to keep going when it's too tough, how to develop mental strength and how to apply these skills in all areas of your life. She also has a ridiculous amount of running experience, so not a bad coach to have working on your side. 

Learn more about Lisa Tamati and her coaching business at:

Allie Pepper

Allie Pepper has been a qualified outdoor leader since 1999 with years of experience instructing in Australia and guiding expeditions in South America and the Himalaya. Her personal mountaineering achievements include ascents of many high altitude peaks in the Andes and three 8000m summits in the Himalaya including Mt Everest in 2011. In 2007 she scaled to the summit of her first 8000m mountain Cho Oyu in Tibet, on her own and without the use of supplementary oxygen. Only a handful of women in the world have managed to achieve such a feat. Back home in Australia her career has been diverse in the outdoors from working in the outdoor education sector with school students to adventure guiding in the Blue Mountains and Snowy Mountains.

Follow her adventures, and learn how to book into her courses at:


Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones is a champion for 'settling down differently' and learning how to continue to live a life of adventure, with a family. Lauren Jones, her partner Justin Jones, and one-year-old daughter, Morgan, recently completed their first family expedition from the centre of Australia to the coast. A 1600km trek through the desert, hauling all their gear, and with Morgan in her own robust adventure stroller, this family is setting new standards for what toddlers are capable of. 

Lauren is doing a lot of figuring out since then, and these are her top five life questions, that we think you should ask yourself too: 

1. Am I living my best and most authentic life? 
2. Am I showing up everyday – and living life the fullest?  
3. How do we have a family life AND live a life of adventure? How do we settle down differently? 
4. “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – so how do we be and raise the best stewards for our planet? 
5. How do we live and lead active, present and connected lives in the midst of so much distraction and technology?

Follow the Jonesys as they continue to figure out how to settle down differently:


Lucy Barnard

The 2017 recipient of The North Face Adventure Grant, Lucy Barnard is inspiring a host of people around the world with each step she takes. Just over one year ago, Lucy Barnard set out on her mission to be the first woman to walk the length of the world, from Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego to Barrow, Alaska. 

To tackle the gargantuan project mentally, Lucy has broken it down into years and major milestones. She's okay with the idea of not finishing as well. She figures, if you know you have an out, it can help you get through the hard times. "For whatever reason if I choose to bail, I have to make that decision on a good week, not a bad week." Though she's had some setbacks, she still marches on.

Give some encouragement to this adventurer, find her at: | @tanglesandtail


Gabrielle Degagne, Nicole Messman, Marian Krogh

This crew of female skiers had applied for The North Face Adventure Grant two years in a row with plans for an environmentally focused ski expedition in the Tien Shen mountains of Kyrgyzstan. We were able to support them with the gear they needed in the mountains, and they set out for their expedition early this year. 

The journey was sparked by a common love of exploring the mountains, but also by the concept of preserving where we love to play. While the expedition didn't go to plan, with lost baggage, communication barriers, and variable snow conditions, the team made of most of their down days learning about Kyrgyz culture. 

To see more from their expedition, follow along at: | @seekingbalancefindingadventure


Hayley Talbot

Hayley Talbot, another applicant for The North Face Adventure Grant, had big plans for a 400km solo kayak expedition from the source of the Clarence River to the Coral Sea. We were able to assist in her gear requirements for the expedition, which she completed in May of 2017. Hayley knows the power of nature, and works to inspire young women to better connect with themselves in nature. 

Keep an eye on her adventures at: @hayleytalbot

The North Face knows the importance that positive female role models play in the progression of women’s participation and storytelling in the outdoors. We thank all of the inquisitive, determined and fierce female adventurers we have worked with to continue pushing what can be acheived in the outdoors. Stay tuned for what will be an impactful year of celebration for female exploration with The North Face.  |  | @thenorthface_aunz

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