DryVent™ fabrics are engineered to be fully waterproof, windproof and breathable.


The outer face of the textile is treated with a durable water repellant finish that helps form droplets and repel water from the surface. Each multi layered textile is engineered to allow water vapor to pass through from the inside to the outside.

DryVent™ fabrics are engineered in a variety, weights, textures and performance characteristics that allows us to provide maximum protection, performance and comfort for the user across all our active and lifestyle waterproof, breathable clothing and accessories.

All DryVent clothing and accessories are fully seam sealed and designed with specific features that are relevant to the user’s specific activity needs and conditions. All products that are fully taped, waterproof and breathable will be branded DryVent™.



DryVent™ fabrics using a 3 Layer construction are primarily used on high performance technical styles that are designed for the most extreme user in their activity segment. These textiles are designed to be extremely durable and breathable and are used for longer durations in severe conditions. These types of fabrications are specified for use in our most technical clothing and accessories.



DryVent™ fabrics using a 2.5 Layer construction are primarily used for highly active, fast and light pursuits, where light weight and packable is an essential requirement of the user. The inner layer is finished with a functional dry touch print that helps raise the fabric from the skin to provide comfort and enable the quick transfer of vapor through to the outside of the fabric. These fabrics are generally designed into unlined clothing and accessories for maximum light weight, packable, waterproof and breathable performance.



DryVent™ fabrics using a 2 Layer construction are our most versatile and used across all our categories. These fabrics are designed into clothing and accessories that are normally lined with a secondary fabric for extra comfort and increased warmth. These lined products can also be designed with fixed insulation for ultimate warmth and versatility and can be found in a wide range of looks and finishes. 




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