Social Responsibility

At The North Face we are deeply committed to creating a safe and positive working environment for those men and women who make our products. Through our parent company, VF Corporation, we've taken important steps to assess and improve the working conditions in under-served areas.

social responsibility chart

The North Face’s approach to social compliance is strengthened by our inclusion in our parent company VF Corporation’s global supply chain and compliance structure. VF has established a robust set of social, environmental and ethical standards throughout the entire supply chain supported and enforced by a team of SAI Certified Compliance Auditors.

To ensure compliance, we conduct annual audits to verify that our partners are adhering to VF’s “Terms Of Engagement” and “Global Compliance Principles.” Learn More about how VF is working to bring real change to countries like Bangladesh as well as our approach to social compliance and building strong relationships with manufacturing partners across the globe.

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Responsible Down Standard

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