It's time to Reset.

Something has to change. Let's be the change we seek.

Reset Normal Mountainscape

Reset normal.
Reset thinking.
Reset perspectives.
Reset actions.

Reset exploration.

Something has to change.
Let’s be the change we seek.

We are challenging ourselves, our athletes, and everyone to do the same.

What’s your Reset?

Our Pledge to Reset
Explore Fund Council

Lena Waithe
Lena Waithe, Emmy-Winning Actor, Writer, Director & Producer

Access to exploration needs a reset. Lena Waithe and Jimmy Chin, two cultural innovators, are helping us launch the Explore Fund Council – a new $7 million global program that brings together leading thinkers and nonprofits to accelerate equity in the outdoors.


We’ve challenged our team athletes and friends to reset.
Whether it’s living more intentionally, slowing down or building others up—it’s time to change.

Alex Honnold

“Explore something new just outside my home every day.”
Alex Honnold, Team Athlete & Climber

So much of my life has been spent traveling, whether for climbing or speaking engagements. But now, I love traveling less. I love not flying all the time. It's allowed me to climb way more and learn more about what's around me, which is what led to my pledge - to explore around my place in Tahoe more.

I think resetting my normal is like spring cleaning, you know, out with the old and in with the new. There’s something to be said for revisiting your life every once in a while and making sure that you’re living with intention. Living the life you want to be living. Just making sure that you’re on the correct path.

I purposefully made my pledge attainable and something I’m kind of already doing. But now, I’ll do it with more intent. There’s nothing wrong with making attainable goals. Not everything has to be a struggle, you know?

I believe if we all try to make small changes in our daily lives and spend a little more time outside—we’ll see the difference it makes.

David Byrne, Ultra Runner

“To share my passion for trail running with others, and show my appreciation for their company.”
David Byrne, Team Athlete & Ultra Runner

Normal for me had become somewhat of a routine existence. I had no idea how regimented I had become until I was forced to change my lifestyle by the turmoil in the world around me. No longer did I have the freedom to run where and when I liked. And no longer was it all about me. I had to consider the wider implications of how my actions affected others.

I think I had lost sight of just how social a sport running can be. While racing is largely an individual pursuit, there’s a massive community of likeminded people that I would regularly be in contact with. I had come to rely on them for not only some human interaction, but as motivators on those tough days when it’s a challenge to find the drive to train. Yet despite the frequent gatherings for sessions and post run laughs, I never really understood just how huge a role they played in my journey.

In many ways, the limitations created by the pandemic have liberated me. The self-imposed routine that made me somewhat inflexible in my approach to training, has been replaced with a desire to try new things and mix it up a little. Now, my appreciation for the friends I share the journey with has only grown stronger.

Duncan Brown by Max Edwards

“Put more energy into creating opportunities and spaces for training, education, and inspiration around the outdoors in my local community.”

Duncan Brown, Climber & Coach

My 'normal' pre-pandemic involved a lot of travel to teach, coach, and climb. This year was meant to involve even more of that than normal, with the Olympic Games and a lot of development in the sport domestically.

Now, I have turned my focus back towards my own backyard both in my climbing and in my work. I have been exploring more local crags for overlooked challenges, and working on creating a new training and education space for local outdoor sport and adventure people.

My pledge for the future is to put more energy into creating opportunities and spaces for training, education, and inspiration around the outdoors and adventure in my local community.


Michaela Davis-Meehan

“To continue to make changes to the things I consume, to leave as little footprint as I can for this planet.”

Michaela Davis-Meehan, Team Athlete & Snowboarder

Normal was consuming products and not thinking too much about where they came from and where they'll end up. Being in lock down, I have had lots of time to think about this. I still have a long way to go, but I have taken a step forward by switching out my sunscreen and deodorant to ones that don't come in plastic packaging and have no harmful chemicals as well as switching out plastic, disposable razors to one metal razor. 

I pledge to continue to make changes to the things I consume, to leave as little footprint as I can for this planet. 


Allie Pepper

“To share my skills and knowledge to help others achieve their goals.”

Allie Pepper, Mountaineer & Guide

My normal was travelling overseas quite a lot of the year, either on my own mountaineering expeditions or guiding other expeditions. If I wasn't on an overseas expedition I would be training and focused on the next one.

Throughout this year, I have been sharing my skills and passion with others through my guiding here in the Snowy Mountains and Blue Mountains. We have had some amazing and memorable experiences here in Australia.

I pledge to share my skills and knowledge to help others achieve their goals.


Roland Morley-Brown

“To always allow the time to experience the now rather than spending it looking forward to what’s next.”

Roland Morley-Brown, Team Athlete & Snowboarder

'Normal' for me was always looking forward to the next adventure.

Sitting through the major lockdowns, flights being cancelled all around the world and not being able to return home or even embark on the next international adventure gave me the opportunity to reflect. I took a step back from my usual habits, always wanting to be on the go and started to focus on the experience in front of me, what was in my immediate surroundings.

I pledge to always allow the time to experience the now rather than spending it looking forward to what’s next. 


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